BH Palace one of the best main stages


Bang Hai Palace, the main stage that Coreworks built for Boomtown Fair, has been selected as one of the 15 best decorconstructions of 2015. Read a summary of what Fest 300, the favorite magazine of festival professionals, had to say here:

Boomtown is a wild, dystopian border city packed with surprises. The jewel in the crown of DSTRKT 5, in an apocalyptic desert with drifting androids, stood the nine-floor-high Bang Hai Palace: a beacon of hope for ‘the revolution’. The words KEEP CALM THE REVOLUTION IS COMING flashed constantly on a gigantic video screen, while the festival public went crazy to non-stop heavy bass, hard-style electro and drum ’n bass. Not a moment’s rest was to be had in this wild place. In line with other Boomtown Districts, like Chinatown, the Bang Hai Palace was created by the Boomtown Fair production team, in cooperation with various Belgian design teams.

And built by Coreworks! Check corebusiness and corenews for more Boomtown Fair. And for the complete article about the best main stages around the world, with great photos: FEST 300