Nice article in Paaspop special

In early spring you will see them sprouting in the meadows: the first scaffolding structures for Paaspop! This year the Den Bosch stage rental company with its roots in Schijndel will lay the foundations for the festival for the 12th year running. With 1600 tons of material Coreworks is one of the event’s biggest suppliers.

Let’s crunch some numbers: 44 festival structures are erected for Paaspop: stages, entrance structures, public decks, towers, public stands and decor structures. And of course, the 130-meter long bridge with iconic views across Paaspop ‘valley’. This is built from 22,222 scaffolding poles and about 50 trucks packed with material. The crew actually doesn’t talk about a ‘scaffolding pole’ but lovingly calls it a two ‘o’ seven, referring to its length: 207.2 cm.

All the structures are assembled and disassembled by hand by a crew of 15 to 20 a day, for a full 6 weeks. Two guys ensure that the basis for every structure is installed in the right place and is perfectly level. Only then do the ‘scaffers’ jump into action: the stage builders who climb into the structures to connect the 207s. This is how the craziest of shapes are created out of thin air and in no time at all. No place for vertigo, with structures reaching as much as twenty meters in height. Of course, the employees’ safety is our key priority. Observance of rules for helmets and climbing belts is strictly supervised.

Essential ingredients include security, collegiality, solidarity and a good atmosphere, because the circumstances can be fantastic, but they can also throw a spanner in the works. March is known to bluster and sometimes there is lost time to make up for. Rain or shine, Paaspop is the absolute top venue amongst the stage building projects. Paaspop puts a smile on everyone’s face!

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