Coreworks shares Autocad library

Light and sound suppliers have been doing it for a while, but it is a true first for stage building: Coreworks is putting its full Autocad library (SCAD Re-Event) in the public domain for the event industry.

Where other organizations anxiously protect this information, we see major advantages in transparency and sharing information: it is a much more efficient method for all parties involved. Producers and stage designers can draw from our Layher and Coresteel products in the library for their plans. Using simple color coding, we can subsequently communicate directly with them about the basic design: help assess, adapt, make suggestions, exchange ideas.

Proactively helping our customers think, is what we are really good at. By making our library available we can put this into practice even more effectively. Added advantage: your company name gains more prominence among all the event organizations involved; it increases your visibility for potential new partners.

So for all SCAD Re-Event users: welcome to the Coreworks library, welcome to the next level!