Back to school


A day out with almost the entire team to Wilhelm Layher GmbH in Eibensbach, a small town between Mannheim and Stuttgart. This enormous factory, where 1900 people work, is the parent company for Layher Benelux and the hatchery for our 207s, the material we work with on a daily basis.

The five-hour tour gave us the lowdown on the manufacturing process. The material is supplied to Layher as steel section, tubing, casting or strip steel. The quality of the steel is continuously tested by Layher itself. In the factory (werk 1) the different components are welded together and galvanized in two large galvanizing baths. The aluminum products (the ladders and decks) are made in another factory (werk 2).

The factory also accommodates a training center where information or training can be obtained about the system with its endless application options. In addition, there is a showroom where all sorts of solutions are shown. In the Netherlands, too, Layher regularly offers courses to keep engineers and construction workers up-to-date on new developments. Of course, Coreworks is more than happy to take part.

It was a demanding and educational afternoon, with thanks to the people from Layher for their hospitality!