Roller beam

Hoisting beams & Outriggers

The roller beam developed by Coreworks is already a very popular hoisting beam. It is a steel beam with wheels that chains run around, facilitating the hoisting or hanging of heavy PA systems (or LED screens) on the exterior of the tower construction. The roller beam has a number of advantages compared to a fixed hoisting beam: the view of the stage is not interrupted by the Layher towers and, above all, roller beams can be mounted at an angle. Allowing sound or images to be directed in a particular direction.

Less ballast is needed, and this is placed at the back, as well as outside the tower structure. The motor is attached directly to a rigging beam, creating a steel-on-steel connection that cannot be cut. The installation is fireproof as well as vandal-proof.

Roller beams were used for the Bang Hai Palace for the first time, the mainstage at BoomTown Fair and then for countless high-profile projects like The Flying Dutch and Kingsland.

  • Heavy PA installations hang in front of the decor
  • Stage view is uninterrupted
  • Better positioned for speakers and LED screens