CoreSteel Tower


With 1, 2, 3 or 4-meter sections, a CoreSteel tower can easily reach 15 meters in height. And higher too, depending on the situation. They are used as PA, delay, set, power or fly-cam tower. In all cases the major advantage of CoreSteel is that construction takes far less time and much less material is required. Resulting in wonderful, slim constructions, and a better view of the stage.

Besides the roller beam and the bumper, Coreworks has developed various top blocks for these towers, allowing easy attachment of trusses, LED screens, set elements or company logos. New top blocks can be supplied custom-made.

It is impossible to imagine festival venues without CoreSteel towers. Like Kingsland, ISU World Allround Championships and The Flying Dutch.

  • Black steel
  • Faster, more efficient, grander constructions
  • Compatible with Layher Allround scaffolding module