Coreworks uses the modular Layher Allround scaffolding system that ensures rapid assembly and disassembly. The event decks – from plywood floorboards in an aluminum frame – resting on aluminum carriers. A big plus of the Layher Allround system is its dimensional stability, even under extreme weather conditions. Needless to say, out materials are clean and free of stickers.

Some specs for the enthusiasts: The system size is 2.072 x 2.072 x 1.036 m or 1.036 m galvanized uprights, beams, diagonals and struts are 48.3 x 3.2. Maximum floor load; 7.5 kN/m2.

Our fixed calculation formula for constructions is l x w x h x i. Four instead of three dimensions? Yes, the i of ingenuity. Recognizable in any proposal by Coreworks. Thanks to our own metal and wood workshop we can make easily different constructions and test setups.

In major projects, Coresteel developed by Coreworks is used increasingly often. Coresteel comprises black steel sections of variable length that can be used to build more rapidly, more efficiently and in a grander way. Due to the strength of the steel, less material is needed, and constructions need not be as bulky. This unlocks a variety of new options for stage designers. A unique Coresteel quality is that it is 100% compatible with Layher Allround, the transition between the two systems is seamless.

Most of our Layher scaffolding has a matt black powder coat finish and its own name: Black Label. These scaffolding poles, joists, railings and banisters look cool and still classy. Making them suitable for happenings where it’s all about the look: fashion shows, dance events, commercial presentations. NB: Black Label is only available in standard sizes.