Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship


The weather report for 11 December was cheered by the Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship organizers and competitors: ‘Southwest storm along the coast with heavy to very heavy gusts, up to gale force 8 or 9…’ The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship is one of the most fun events that Coreworks is engaged for (responsible for the stormproof scaffolding structures at the start and finish) and this year was especially exciting: our lucky devil Dirk van Rijen got to compete!

Dirk covered the 8.5 kilometers in just 24 minutes and 54 seconds. Imagine for a second, one long straight road, along the top of the dike, on a regular bike without gears, gale force 8 … Just to give you an idea: if Dirk had been a woman, he’d have taken second place. A magnificent performance!

The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championship was covered by many newspapers and featured in the eight o’ clock news.