Corebeer available for everyone!


It’s always good to find the answer to a crucial question. The question had risen after Hein Hoogeveen had been appointed as Coreworks’ stage builder and after a brewery had been set up above our office and after this brewery had started to turn out the most delicious home brews: pils, dubbel, IPA, one even better than the other. The question that rose among the crew members was: which Corebeer is the best?

The answer came by tasting again, and again. Really tasting, seriously comparing, second opinion, third opinion, plenty of discussion, yes a truly heated debate! And practice makes perfect, because we did hand-pick it in the end, the ultimate Corebeer 2016.

The beer that makes everyone happy is a blond tripel beer, powerful, playful, fresh and fruity. A beer that, with three hop additions (Centennial, Cascade and Saaz), well and truly deserves its name HOPHEAD. The good news is now that everyone can enjoy it! Because HOPHEAD is brewed in larger quantities by the Schijndel brewery Sint Servattemus and is served by Jansen en Jansen in Schijndel, Café De Palm in Den Bosch and at De Lievelinge camp site in Vuren. Should you be in the area, it’s also available by the six-pack from Coreworks itself. GO GET A HOPHEAD!