Coreworks in NOS national news


Festivals and events are increasingly confronted with extreme weather conditions. The construction of Paaspop was plagued by a severe storm, many Liberation Day celebrations were a washout and at the end of July countless events, including the Summer Carnival, were cancelled due to code red weather warnings.

The municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch and the events sector are considering how festival organizers can better prepare for extreme weather. Of course, Coreworks is closely involved in these talks. Nationally, this problem is also being tackled: the association Stichting Evenementen Handboek is creating a blueprint containing safety instructions for all event organizers in the Netherlands. The objective is for everyone to be able to visit a festival with peace of mind, knowing that safety is guaranteed.

In the NOS news bulletin from 1 August, Coreworks welcomed the arrival of this handbook, but demonstrated how they were already taking measures. We work with sturdier and heavier duty materials and extra concrete blocks are used to anchor structures to prevent them from becoming unsafe or blowing over. And this all starts on the drawing board.