Collaborating with the customer, just one of Coreworks’ talents. Because standard solutions do not exist in our industry: no two events are the same and every edition of a festival is different. That is what makes our work so interesting and challenging. The only constant: we strive for quality, only the best is good enough.

Committed, flexible and inventive, that is Coreworks all over. Every assignment starts with an open conversation, because interaction produces the best results. We love to dig deep, provide counterbalance, make suggestions. In brief: collaboration. Because we are seasoned professionals, we know what they are talking about.

This dialogue examines the scale, the target group or groups, the appearance and all the exceptional elements that are offered by your event. But the required functionalities and estimated value-for-money ratio too. It goes without saying that you will receive a clear offer. That specifies the costs of labor, materials and transport.

We create working drawings based on all the data. The design allows for the wish list in terms of set, light and sound. Besides an integral approach – maximum harmonization of all the work – safety is a key concept: our designs have been expertly calculated on floor and wind load and meet all European safety standards. You can read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions.

Committed, flexible and inventive, in our execution too. Our Corepeople work tirelessly and will not rest until everything is in its place, perfectly according to plan.